What is the blue light therapy and acne facial treatment Rebu21 organic facial & nails spa?

Blue light therapy refers to non-laser sources of light that help in preventing papules and pustules, the everyday “pimples” that many people get that are inflamed and red. When blue light shines on the skin, it penetrates through various skin layers and may help kill some acne bacteria or reduce some of the inflammation or excess sebum (skin oil) production that are characteristic of acne. Benefits of light therapy include low side effects and affordability.

At Renu21 Organic Facial Spa, we use the blue light therapy in conjunction with our acne facial treatment for optimal result. The acne facial treatment consists of cleansing and enzyme exfoliation, activated by aromatherapy steam. When the skin is softened,a deep manual extractions carefully given and continued with an Antibacterial and anti-inflammation process using the high frequency machine for the extracted skin. Then a thick layer of acne-cooling mask is placed on the facial surface and cold therapy massage is used to reduce redness of the extracted skin. Finally enriched moisturizer and SPF 33 Antioxidant Sunscreen is applied to complete the facial service. A relaxing neck, and head massage is also included to leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed!