How I became a Lash Extension addict

Eyelash extensions are the beauty trend that’s been picking up so lets see what all the fuss is about?

The concept of eyelash extensions is pretty amazing when you consider that you’ll no longer have to apply mascara, because your lashes will supposedly look perfectly full and lengthy, who doesn’t want that perfect lash look without much effort? I say “Yes” count me in!

I opted going with someone who has experienced in the lash extension volume rather than just the classic and trusted my eyes to eyelash artist Nellie. During the initial consultation, she discussed all the different lash options. So many choices to pick from lash material, length, curl and shape. Material options included mink, silk, fox and synthetic versions of each of those. Length varied from 7mm to 15mm, and I could choose between a dramatic “C” curl or a straighter “J” curl, or could even go up to D/CC curl. The shape of the extensions ranged from a “natural” look to a more glamorous cat-eye arrangement, but at the end of the day, I let the specialist tells me what would look best, and for my eyes, C-curl is the most I can have. Oh well, I thought I would just give it shot.

The application process was pretty relaxing. All I had to do was lie down and close my eyes while the Nellie applied each individual lash, one-by-one. You could barely feel anything at all during this. I even fell asleep at one point. I have heard that the glue can burn sensitive eye, but surprising I was fine. So an hour and a half went by voila!

Nellie handed me the handheld mirror Oh La La Mademoiselle! In that instant, I became a lash-extension addict! Fortunately, I was running late so Nellie couldn't take my before and after pictures. However, I'm posting picture of Nellie's clients so you can see why I became a lash-extension addict.


Eyelash Extension - Volume Full Set