How LED Red Light Therapy Works for Anti-Aging?

LED Red light specifically is considered to give overall vitality to the body. It is FDA -approved
for anti-aging and skin conditions. NASA is known to use red light therapy in treating wounds.
Red light can penetrate the skin up to 10mm and converts from light energy to cellular energy,
once absorbed into the body. The reaction helps to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.
Red LED light therapy is more eco-friendly than using incandescent or fluorescent bulbs
because they can produce the same amount of light but do so while using a small fraction of the

Benefits of LED Red Light Therapy
Red LED light therapy can be used for the following:
smooth skin
sun damage
collagen stimulation
smoothing overall skin tone

Where you can get LED Red Light Therapy?
Renu21 Organic Facial & Nail Spa provides membership to our clients for LED red light therapy.
We also have Dermasweep Micro-resurfacing, Ultrasonic, High Frequency, Galvanic treatment
along with a variety of Facials that can be service in conjunction with LED red light therapy to
produce optimal result for anti-aging prevention.

Results vary depending on age, time used and individual skin conditions. Our spa has seen
huge difference in our clients skin when using LED red light therapy.