Why do I need a skin care management system?


So my skin property is EXTREMELY oily, and needed help badly to balance my skin because usually by mid-day, I have so much oil that one can literally fry eggs on my face. Yup, that is how bad it was so I decided to commit to some sort of a skin care regimen for at least three month (that's normally the time frame that result can be seen... but to be honest, I'm usually the type that jumps from product to product & what's the latest trend so this can be difficult for me).

I splurged on a 5-steps Jan Marini skin care management system for $300. I know it sounds like a lot, but Jan Marini made their skin care system dummy proof by labeling each steps clearly for me so $300 for 5 items isn't too bad, comparing to Revive or LaMer.

The first step in the system, was the Bioglycolic cleanser, which gently cleans and exfoliate the skin by applying directly into dry skin, and neutralizes it by washing off with water. Now let's face it glycolic acid is great because it has the smallest molecule out of all of that AHA’s, and this has reduced my skepticism on the product.

Next step is Rejuvenation with C-Esta Serum. The citrus smell of this serum is wonderful plus Vitamin C helps lift, firm and tighten the appearance of the facial contours. In addition to Vitamin C, this antioxidant serum features DMAE for powerful free-radical protection, so that's a definitely plus. I sure need all the help I can get.

Then come Resurfacing, which is step number three and it's called Bioclear Lotion. It's quickly absorbed serum with powerful combination of glycolic, salicylic and azelaic acid. It provides a broad-range of benefits for dramatically smoother, clearer, more luminous looking skin. This will definitely help my adult acne situation and also acts as a primer for my makeup foundation. I no longer need to use a separate primer.

Step 4 is hydrating the skin with Transformation Face cream. Who doesn't need more growth factor, peptide and antioxidant solution in their skin? This ultimate in advanced hydrators is used to reduce the appearance of aging and damaged skin. Wrinkles be GONE!

Then last but not least, protection from the sun with the Antioxidant Protectant SPF 33. It is water-resistant, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection with oil control and advanced hydration for the skin. Can't leave home without SPF protection.

It has been about 7 weeks and my skin is definitely more balanced. I don't really need to blot my face until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. My adult acne is also under control which gives me confident to continue with the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System. I'll continue with part 2 of this blog after my full 3 months of usage… be continued….